Why Choose To Be Happy?


This morning, i thought of this idea of asking other people to write an entry so that i could publish it in my blog since i am always lack of ideas nowadays (hahaha tak saya tak paksa okay). So, yep. I managed to talked to few of my friends on writing whatever they want and I'll publish it here. Alhamdulillah, my friends are all very supportive and I already received my first one just now. And this person told me to keep her unkown, well here we go.

*write me as an anon*

Why choose to be happy?

Assalamualaikum everyone. Surely i wrote this because a friend of mine offered me to share my thoughts. 

I found that interesting and so here I am, to share my thoughts.

So firstly, alhamdulillah for everything Allah had given to us. And my post today is about Why should we choose to be happy? Everyone has their own problem. No one had no problem. Surely everyone does have. Even new born baby also have their own problem;

"mummy I'm hungry"
but they couldn't see their mummy yet.

Same goes to kids and adults. How do you manage yourself when you're facing problems?

"I ignore "

That's great.

"I overthink"

Surely I did that too sometimes.

"I pray to Allah, telling Him everything "

That's the point; we should do that.

Lately, I thought of giving up in life. There's a huge problem attacking me like somehow the grenade fall from nowhere. And i didn't manage to throw it away before it explode. And boom! It exploded first and I broke. (Does it sounds too hyperbolic? )

My father is marrying another woman. I figured it out by myself. That hurts me more than blades did. I thought, why didn't he tell me?  Why he hid it from me and my other siblings? What have i done? Am I not good enough for him? I hated that woman more. He stole my happiness. I cursed many times. I hate her so much.    

From that moment, I started to hate everything around me. I hated myself. I hated my family. I hated my parents. I hated my friends. I hated strangers. I hated everything.

My giving up somehow making the  gap between me and Allah even farther. And then one day, I realised. I blamed everyone and I somehow blame my creator. He was always there through my thick and thin. But I'm only khusyuk during my gloomy days. I felt bad for that. I don't know how but as the time pass, and i prayed everyday to Him, and finally I saw myself wasn't as gloomy nor sad as before. I was happy and am happy until now. And i started to redha for everything happened. And I chose to be happy and that will be my forever choice.

The other reason for me to choose being happy was, there's a friend that she's with me when i was miserable and she advised me. And I was moved by her words and finally I'm okay.

And now, I'm trying to be positive as much as i could. I dislike negative vibes to be honest. So I keep on saying positive things to myself to make me more happy, I guess? And i hope that my family will be happy and we could make bond with my father's another wife. I'm looking forward for it (even it'll hurt me somehow ) at least my father is happy, then I'm okay.

Kick off all negative vibes, keep on being positive and always choose to be happy because Allah will help you with that.


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